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Track of the Week: Burn Burn Burn // Jim’s Panache

Following his album Bubba, and a couple of original singles, Jim’s Panache ended 2020 with two singles ‘Burn Burn Burn’ and ‘The Rain’. Hailing from Australian, the Brisbane-based artist is sharing a sound that is unique and authentic. Unlike anything I have heard before, Jim’s Panache combines elements of folk, art-pop with some indie-rock undertones. Seriously, it is unlike anything out there! We want to introduce you to Jim’s Panache with ‘Burn Burn Burn’.

With its upbeat and cheery tone, ‘Burn Burn Burn’ is a soundscape for carnivals and children’s parties, but with a bit of a darker side to it. Combining a brass section with percussion, the track has a charming buoyancy to make anyone smile; however, there is a descent into post-apocolyptic desperation.

Despite the spirited melody, Jim’s Panache uses witty lyricism with provoking vocals leading to a rather haunting sound. A sarcastic song touching on issues of religion, ‘Burn Burn Burn’ has an eerie otherworldliness pulling you into a pit of confusion and hazy ambience. Breaking boundaries with his genre-defying music, Jim’s Panache is, as I said before, totally unique and beyond imitation.

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