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Track of the Week: Daneben Benehmen // Bianca Hauert

2020 was a difficult year for all of us; living in uncertainty, unable to meet friends or interact socially, being stuck at home due to Covid-19 restrictions. Yes, these restrictions seem endurable on paper, but the real impact is quite disconcerting. Bianca Hauert takes this painful effect into account expressing her discomfort with the new song ‘Daneben Benehmen’. But who is Bianca Hauert?

Hailing from Germany, Bianca is a talented singer-songwriter with an enthusiastic, energetic and genre-defying repertoire. Embracing music at a young age, she began learning piano and guitar at age 8 which evolved into a passion for singing. In 2014, Bianca formed the rock band BEATOMIC and in 2017 she progressed to being a part of The Sound Section – a 10-piece cover band. With this experience of singing in groups, Bianca decided to use her knowledge and work on a solo project. Only one year in the making, Bianca Hauert has received critical acclaim for her solo work. Featured in Sound Jungle, Musik blog, Trend Chicks, KMS Reviews, It’s Indie and iHeart Radio, she is gaining coverage on an international level.

The first German-language track from Bianca Hauert, ‘Daneben Benehmen’ merges elements of contemporary pop, R&B and underlying soul influences. Despite being a well-textured and layered studio release, the single has a barebones nature to its melody. A steady beat builds the foundation for the soothing piano and guitar combination; however, it is Bianca’s vocals that win your heart.

While the melody tosses you into a hazy swirl of sound, Bianca’s throaty vocals grab your attention. Seamlessly fusing with the simplistic instrumentation, the bold voice enhances the richness of the single. Of course, the sonic element is heartstopping sending shivers down your spine, but Bianca shows her true depth of character in the poignant lyricism.

Aptly titled ‘Daneben Benehmen’ (translated to ‘Misbehave’ in English), the single touches on issues like recklessness and wanderlust in a socially distanced world. According to Bianca, “as long as we are not allowed to go out, my song should at least help people to bridge the waiting time until then”. I do not speak German, but the powerful emotion oozing forth from Bianca’s vocals and song shows me that at least one person speaks these unspoken truths and tries to show the light at the end of the tunnel.

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