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Track of the Week: Day To Day // Dmunsch

Viewing his music as a form of escapism, Belgium-based producer Dmunsch aims for a euphoric carefreeness in his surreal music. At the age of 12, the young artist (for what he does is artistry) began producing music experimenting with electropop, EDM and deep house. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, It’s Indie, A&R Factory and several online radio stations/podcasts, including iHeart Radio, Dmunsch is turning heads on an international scale. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed discography is the single ‘Day To Day’.

Following his internationally recognised singles ‘We Own The Summer’ and ‘Free World’, Dmunsch adopts a more electropop-inspired sound in ‘Day To Day’. Moving from upbeat, pop-influenced tracks, the latest single is more house than disco. While the track is primarily synth-based in its melody, the swelling synths and keys are well arranged to increase its infectious nature.

Nodding to the 90s/2000s house style, Dmunsch taps into a Daft Punk meets Avicci dynamic. Yet, while the instrumentation is prominent, the excellent texturing showcases Dmunsch’s rich, warm vocals. Many may call house music slightly jarring, but ‘Day To Day’ has a harmonic flow to its beats with soothing vocal execution. Leaning toward a contemporary pop tone, Dmunsch’s smooth voice blankets the song with a charming warmth.

Adhering to the concept of escapism through music, ‘Day To Day’ has a carefree and wistful innocence to it. It might be intricate in composition, but the happy-go-lucky vibes indicate a simplicity in the melody making it easy to listen to. Not out of place at an electropop festival, ‘Day To Day’ is beguiling, anthemic and fantastic!

In addition to the single, Dmunsch release an official music video for ‘Day To Day’ that can be viewed here.

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