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Track of the Week: Dopamine Mind // BREGN

From his debut single ‘Be Fine’ to ‘Wind’ and ‘Summertime’, singer-songwriter BREGN explores the human essence in its rawest form expressing it through music. The solo project of Danish artist Jonas Mikkelsen, BREGN firmly believes that art is about creativity and connection with listeners. Influenced by The Velvet Underground, The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Elliot Smith, his sound is unique, charming and intriguing. The latest addition to BREGN’s well-received discography is the single ‘Dopamine Mind’.

From The Other Side Reviews to Existential Magazine and Obscure Sound, BREGN is connecting audiences on an international scale. ‘Dopamine Mind’ sees BREGN adopting a gruffer, rougher and more aggressive tone as compared to previous releases. Yet, while a strong hip-hop influence is heard with the bold vocals atop electronic beats, an ethereal haziness is felt with a smooth piano melody. Listening to ‘Dopamine Mind’ is like falling through a kaleidoscopic sonic whirlpool and coming out on the other side breathless.

Showing more evolution in his sound, ‘Dopamine Mind’ is BREGN’s most experimental track to date. It touches on a person’s addiction to modern-day technology and the dopamine surges we feel when going through that Buzzfeed post or watching another YouTube video. When speaking about ‘Dopamine Mind’, BREGN explains that “it is so easy to get distracted and addicted to those distractions which are now more instantly accessible than ever. The protagonist in ‘Dopamine Mind’ thinks it is the phone’s fault…”

With the melodic arrangement aligning itself with the overwhelming blast of energy, BREGN perfectly captures the rush of dopamine to the brain. The thing is, while it is bold, fast, frenzied and soul-stirring, a simplistic indie-folk harmony exists anchoring the sonic acid trip. This is intriguing as it shows how the protagonist is able to overcome the madness with a soft, smooth and resilient restart. BREGN explains that “he sets out to reset his mind and restart a life focused on things of meaningful value away from artificial dialogue and small talk.”

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