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Track of the Week: Drifting // Antisolar

Who says you need to live near each other to make good music? Who said friends need to be near each other to keep their friendship bond alive? Well, whoever it was, they were complete idiots – case point: Antisolar. For approximately 20 years, US-based Andrew Doolittle and France-based Olivier Raynal have sustained a musical partnership and friendship regardless of the geographical distance. Already established artists apart, Andrew and Olivier have combined their skills to create Antisolar.

Described by YMX and Sinusoidal Music as being profound and providing listeners with genre-bending musical styles that create an exquisite taste, Antisolar is as eclectic as they come. Following their anthemic tunes ‘You Resurrect Me’ and ‘Sorry’, the duo weaves an electronic edge into a hard rock meets alternative rock sound. Hard-hitting and heavy, the melodic arrangement pounds into you from the first second. One of my favourite parts of ‘Drifting’ has to be the end – not because it’s the end of the song but rather because it ends so abruptly. It seems to say, “well, that’s the story, do with it as you will”.

Profound in their sound, Antisolar also show profoundness in the poignant lyrical content. Written during sessions in Houston, Texas, and Paris, France, ‘Drifting’ touches on issues of addiction, anxiety and frustration. Based on a true tale, ‘Drifting’ follows the events of Andrew’s best friend and his descent into drug addiction. It is sung from the perspective of the friend’s wife as she attempts to rescue and repair the relationship despite the growing distance between his and her worlds. Once again, the abrupt ending comes to me as a sharp piercing showing the pain she is feeling and the potentially hopeless situation.

Heavy, hard and rugged, there is a grittiness in ‘Drifting’ that aligns with the powerful material. Already five tracks in, Antisolar is making its mark as an intriguing and addictive band.

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