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Track of the Week: Feel Love // Sano Hill

From Roadie Music to The Other Side Reviews, Edgar Allan Poets, The Real Ding, FV Music Blog and Info Music, singer-songwriter Sano Hill is captivating audiences on a global scale. Described by some of these curators as “bright and romantically-charged indie-rock joy” (The Real Ding), “to inspire us…” (Music For All), and taking listeners “…onto a whole new level of musical sensation…” (The Punk Head), Sano Hill is an artist with a distinctive sound. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Feel Love’.

The fifth track from his upcoming album If Not Now, When?, to be released in early 2023, ‘Feel Love’ is a tender indie-rock tune with tinges of old-school blues and jazz throughout the song. Similar to ‘Sing Out Loud’ and ‘CircleWalk’, Sano Hill’s velvety voice carries you along a glistening sonic river; however, unlike previous material, ‘Feel Love’ shows you the tumultuous waves beneath the water’s surface. Darker, grittier and heavier, the new song has more weight – if that makes sense. Somewhat more mature and adult than his past singles.

“’Feel Love’ is a deep expression of the power of love within us all to overcome whatever challenges life brings. Connecting with this aspect of ourselves, and realising the interconnection of who we are with everyone and the world around us is crucial to the well-being and future of our world. It a time of great instability, war, and potential environmental catastrophe, this song is an appeal to feel love again as a starting point for how we respond appropriately to what is going on in the world.” – Sano Hill on ‘Feel Love’

Sophisticated in its production and theme, ‘Feel Love’ touches your heart with its intense intimacy. A kaleidoscopic arrangement, the instrumentation has a soul-stirring quality, but the song retains simplicity and stark rawness. Perhaps it is the direct lyricism with Sano Hill speaking specifically to you in his velvety way. Perhaps it is the vulnerability threaded throughout the powerful track. Either way, ‘Feel Love’ is haunting, evocative, moving and intoxicating.

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