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Track of the Week: Glad I Found You // Pekky Savan

I can’t be certain when the unique talent that is Pekky Savan entered the music industry but I do know she has been releasing music on Spotify since 2018. Blending elements of pop-rock, grunge and indie-pop, Pekky has a heartwarming sound for all audiences. Featured on YMX, The Other Side Reviews, Phork and various playlists, the US-based songstress is garnering attention on a global level. Today we introduce you to her with the single ‘Glad I Found You’.

Her first single in 2021, ‘Glad I Found You’ is a tender, sincere and enchanting melody. Reminiscent of Avril Lavigne’s softer pop-rock tracks, the song has a steadiness in the combination of vocals and instrumentation. While there is a strong “non-acoustic” sound in the track, I find it interesting that Pekky inserts an undertone of acoustic guitar enhancing the poignancy of the song. It is inserting a piece of herself in an overall sonic whirl which aligns greatly with the personal nature of her music.

Typically performing sadder songs, Pekky shares that “…writing a love song was a new challenge for me.” It might have been a challenge but she totally smashed it! Her dulcet tones are reminiscent of Christina Perri with their warmth and heartfelt genuineness. Touching on feelings of love, but from a different angle, ‘Glad I Found You’ explores self-acceptance, empowerment, fulfilment and the power of love regardless of circumstances. The song was completed during quarantine when Pekky felt “…more alone than ever and it was the last place on earth I thought I would find love, but I did.”

Introspective and evocative, Pekky enriches your life with this new single. Really bad pun: the song called ‘Glad I Found You’ and I really am glad I found her.

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