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Track of the Week: Good Vibes // Bianca Aristia

Hailing from Leipzig, Germany, Bianca Aristia is impressing listeners across the globe. Bianca is making a name for herself from her well-received appearance at The Voice of Germany to her critical acclaim from blogs like The Other Side Reviews, Fruit Sonic, Treble with the Bass, and several online radio stations. With a reputation for engaging, enthusiastic and inspiring performances, the German singer-songwriter is captivating audiences with a hypnotic sound. The latest addition to her discography is ‘Good Vibes’.

A part of her upcoming album (to be released in summer 2022), ‘Good Vibes’ is an R&B meets pop tune filled with summer vibes. A primarily synth-driven track, but with undertones of guitar, the melody already evokes happy memories; however, it is Bianca’s golden voice that adds the hint of sunshine. Strong, clear and rich, her vocals intertwine with the upbeat sound with melodic flow and harmony. A powerhouse with bright R&B vocals, Bianca showcases her versatile range in ‘Good Vibes’.

Inspired by her love of Tenerife, Bianca chose to write a heartfelt song as she enjoyed her time on the island. Moreover, she returned to sunny Spain to record the accompanying video for ‘Good Vibes’. Built not only on the need for optimism, the lyrical content leans towards making each day count. While the track might be viewed as a simple pop track, Bianca points out depth in the tender “carpe diem” message.

Hopeful, dynamic and enthusiastic, ‘Good Vibes’ has a lingering sense of empowerment for the listener. I can see this being played at a festival with the audience dancing to every beat. Truly anthemic, it’s something that is on repeat (at least on my personal playlist). I can’t wait to see what else Bianca has in store.

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