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Track of the Week: Humans Weep // Momoko Rose

Inspired by a love for folk music, but with some tinges of Bjork and Joanna Newsome, Australia-based singer-songwriter Momoko Rose creates a genre-defying sound. Momoko’s music is intimate and heartwarming within the realms of folk, yet there is an etherealness (is that a word?) belying the charming melody. Featured on YMX, Press Party, Mogg Blog, Forte Mag, The Other Side Reviews and The Bopps Collective (to name a few), this songstress is reaching audiences on an international level. The latest single to her critically acclaimed discography is ‘Humans Weep’.

An acoustic-inspired single, Momoko adopts a simplistic combination of vocals and soothing instrumentation. While the use of drums and keys has a flowing melody, incorporating synths adds a contemporary internet generation feel to the song. Of course, it is not only the interesting melodic arrangement that showcases eclecticism, it is Momoko’s vocals that demonstrate her unique innovation.

Touching on elements of apathy, anxiety and isolation, ‘Humans Weep’ exposes the most vulnerable elements of the human soul. Momoko explains that she “…wrote the song in what was the aftermath of an extremely overwhelming family conflict which caused a complete paradigm shift in my outlook on life.” Yet, the poignancy of the song is mostly indicated in the clarity felt by the protagonist amidst the empowering standpoint. Momoko shares that “…even though I had clarity and felt better than I had about myself since I was born, I also truly thought that I could not feel or lose any more than I already had at the time.”

Teetering on the cusp of pure indifference and optimistic empowerment, ‘Humans Weep’ is sentimental, sincere and thought-provoking. I’m not one for folk music but the haunting otherworldliness of the track may have changed my mind.

Side note: Momoko Rose released an official music video for ‘Humans Weep’. A visual representation of her dramatic tale, the video prompts a sense of calm in the evocative song. You can view the video below:

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