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Track of the Week: Kill It Tomorrow // Soda Cracker Jesus

The alter ego of singer-songwriter Regan Lane, Soda Cracker Jesus is eclectic, powerful and pretty much amazing. While Regan does perform with Strangely Alright, he does enjoy slipping into his Bowie-esque solo costume every now and then releasing some intriguing music. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Less Than 1000 Followers, Sinusoidal Music and Roadie Music (and that’s just for his new single), Regan turns heads across the globe. His latest offering to the masses is the track ‘Kill It Tomorrow’.

Always looking toward the future and what it can bring us, Soda Cracker Jesus is quite refreshing. Following ‘Drug My Soul’, ‘Kill It Tomorrow’ is more upbeat with obscure vocals and hard-hitting instrumentation. The screeching guitars meld with pounding drums illustrating a type of punk distortion and forcefulness. It is impossible to listen to this song without twirling about followed by intermittent bouts of jumping about.

Now, the track may be called ‘Kill It Tomorrow’ but this does not mean we’re going to kill some bunny for supper tomorrow. No, rather it takes a personal stance about having a cracker of a day tomorrow – smashing it, killing it or owning it. Bright and bouncy, there is a heart-lifting quality to the infectious song filled with optimism, empowerment and joy. When listening to this style of music I always feel there is a deeper, darker and grimmer side to it; however, this is by no means any of those things. Like Mickey Mouse on acid with a bright outlook of the future, ‘Kill It Tomorrow’ is the perfect picker-upper for any audience.

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