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Track of the Week: Love And Confusion // Makar

For approximately two decades, singer-songwriters Andrea DeAngelis and Mark Purnell have been creating a unique blend of blues, folk and indie rock. While their passion for music and each other drew them together (they’re married by the way), they did not intend to form a band; however, after fruitless searches to join different groups, they chose to write original music as Makar. My word, am I glad they did!

Describing themselves as a “dark and groovy little New York band”, Makar has released at least three albums, music videos and singles all to critical acclaim. In 2015, MTV2 placed their music video for ‘I Hate My Job’ in their Top Ten Indie Guitar Bands alongside Ra Ra Riot, Vampire Weekend and MGMT. The latest release from this well-received duo is their EP Fancy Hercules including our Track of the Week, ‘Love And Confusion’.

Featured on Sinusoidal Music, The Other Side Reviews, Roadie Music and various playlists, critics are praising Makar for their unique sound. Here at Nexus Music Blog, we are doing the same but also praise their eclecticism fusing folk-rock and indie-rock with some blues-inspired undertones. ‘Love and Confusion’ is particularly intriguing as it not only breaks boundaries genre-wise but adds a contemporary edge to the old-school folky-ness. With a toe-tapping beat and head-bopping melodic arrangement, Makar wraps you in a kaleidoscopic blanket floating in a cinematic soundscape.

While the upbeat ‘Love And Confusion’ has a warmth to the guitar-driven acoustic sound, it is the interspersed percussion that adds some flavour to the melody. Moreover, Andrea’s charming vocals add a sense of stability and calm that settles your soul in an ethereal tune. Haunting but stable, languid but bopping, attention-grabbing but also something you can put on in the background, ‘Love And Confusion’ is a gem of a song and something not to be ignored.

In addition to the album Fancy Hercules, Makar released an official music video for ‘Love And Confusion’. You can view the video below or on Makar’s YouTube Channel.

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