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Track of the Week: Dig A Little Deeper // Mister Keith

Following his well-received debut album Record of Wrongs in 2014 and the critically acclaimed single ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’, singer-songwriter Mister Keith releases the engaging new track ‘Dig A Little Deeper’. Fuelled by introspective questioning of existence, the self-described “Victorian pop” artist showcases harmonic melodies in a folk package.

Dragging the sound of 70s folk-rock into the 21st century, ‘Dig A Little Deeper’ is a merging of Fleetwood Mac, Simon & Garfunkel, Tom Odell and James Bay. A piano-driven single, although the incorporation of guitar and percussion is clearly defined, ‘Dig A Little Deeper’ brings intimacy with a bit of a “kick in the pants”. Melodically, the track places one is a hazy soundscape; however, it is the addition of bold, rich vocals that adds a whimsical quality.

“I’m really proud of this single and the lyrical twists I’ve managed to weave in. They are quite instinctive and hopefully much more accessible, emotive and spiritual… They’re about real life. We all struggle with our anxiety and uncertainty, but yet we all seek adventure!” – Mister Keith on ‘Dig A Little Deeper’

Beautiful in its pop meets folk simplicity, ‘Dig A Little Deeper’ is evocative and heartwarming. The lyrical content shows a vulnerable side to the artist with warm vocals twinging the track with a touch of nostalgic melancholy. Overall, I like the song – it’s moving, soul-stirring and just a little beguiling.

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