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Track of the Week: Moments // Lucid Evolution

From Fleetwood Mac to Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Portishead, US-based band Lucid Evolution have a unique, eclectic and intriguing sound. With frontwoman Lynne Holloman (vocals and keys), Shaun Neal (guitar), Jake Lawrence (bass) and Brian Holloman (percussion and backing vocals), the diverse influences contribute to a genre-bending style. Formed in late 2021, Lucid Evolution is a rather young group; however, despite their newbie status, the lads and lady are turning heads on an international level receiving coverage from Sinusoidal Music, Rising Artists Blog, and many more. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Moments’.

The third single from Lucid Evolution, ‘Moments’ follows their well-received track ‘Wild Soul’. While there appears to be a softer quality to ‘Moments’ as compared to ‘Wild Soul’, the single retains the bold classic rock-influenced power of Lucid Evolution. A nostalgic throwback to old-school rock melds with Lynne’s smooth, soulful vocals; however, the silky tones lie atop a powerful guitar solo sending your soul soaring into the soundscape.

I grew up listening to artists like Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac, and while Lucid Evolution is influenced by these artists there is an eclecticism that sets them apart. Guitar-driven, ‘Moments’ has a gruffness in the melodic arrangement. Yet, as I mentioned before, Lynne’s silky tones weave a whimsical, wistful haze into the sonic tapestry. Lucid Evolution finds the delicate balance between hardcore, rough music and smooth, calming sound.

This is my introduction to Lucid Evolution, but I promise this is not the last time I will play their music. In fact, even my mother is keen on this rock meets folk meets indie evolution in music and she’s difficult to please.

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