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Track of the Week: My Only Love // Romain Gutsy

Beginning his musical career over two decades ago, one might consider Romain Gutsy to be a veteran musician – I think. Then again, it’s experience that can make artists mighty and Romain has a lot of “mighty” about him. This French-born singer-songwriter has performed with Grammy Award winners Soul Asylum, American singer Calvin Russel and many more. Originally beginning with French bands playing the guitar and accordion, Romain has returned after a hiatus with his solo project and the most recent addition to his discography is ’My Only Love’.

Described by The Punk Head as “entrancing and poised”, Romain Gutsy brings sophistication to the new music scene. ‘My Only Love’ follows the well-received album When Leonard Met Dolly and is a sentimental, tender song. Retaining Romain’s inimitable guitar playing with a strong Spanish vibe, ‘My Only Love’ is an evolution from his previous releases. The melodic combination of acoustic guitars with underlying keyboards, interspersed strings and a piano outro has Romain finding that delicate line between organic and synthetic.

Recorded in collaboration with award-winning South African musician singer-songwriter, ‘My Only Love’ is bold but with a softness that wraps you in a comfortable sonic blanket. Romain’s rich vocals add a tenderness to the ballad enhancing the sincerity of the song. ‘My Only Love’ is described as a “passionate love song that expresses the deep sentiment of the one in love, the one who experiments the full power and eternity of what can link a being with another forever” – Romain’s warm tones fully express this insatiable love.

So, what do I think of Romain Gutsy and ‘My Only Love’? Honestly, I adore it. Elegant but with brutal honesty, the soothing song calms your spirit sending your heart soaring into an intoxicating oblivion.

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