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Track of the Week: Over The Rainbow // Under Delusion

Described as hypnotic, passionate, unique and anthemic by various blogs, Under Delusion is an alternative rock band that can win your heart. Proving that you don’t need to be in your 20s to begin something awesome, the Russia-based 30-somethings explore life in its entirety in their music. Already a somewhat regular on Nexus Music Blog, we have an idea of what their sound is like – although, they do surprise us each time. The latest addition to their well-received discography is the single ‘Over The Rainbow’.

Combining intriguing instrumentation with haunting vocals, ‘Over The Rainbow’ is an intoxicating two-and-a-half minute of alternative rock with some melodic metal tones woven into the track. Following the single ‘Runaway’, Under Delusion adopt a smoother flow in ‘Over The Rainbow’. Yet, as with their previous material, the group retains a darkness to their spine-chilling sound.

Penned as a tribute to the late Max Verkhovski, ‘Over The Rainbow’ is a heartfelt, tender and charming memory of this talented musician. The passing of friends and loved ones can leave people feeling sadness, pain and vulnerability – Under Delusion has captured this sensation expertly. The instrumentation lays a foundation for despair, but it is the female vocals that really ooze vulnerability in the track. Oddly enough, a tinge of strength and hopefulness to carry on can be heard deep in her dulcet tones.

Sincere, sentimental and tender, Under Delusion presents itself with raw honesty in the intoxicating ‘Over The Rainbow’.

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