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Track of the Week: Propaganda // MOVMENT

Nowadays, there are so many genres and sub-genres one can become confused when trying to define any music. Then again, should good music be defined? In the case of Irish duo MOVMENT, it is clear they are not to be pigeon-holed. Formed by the original members of Raw Novembre, MOVMENT has transitioned from mixtures of electro-rock to emo, indie-rock, punk and post-punk…I told you they were genre-defying. Featured on The Other Side Reviews and various playlists, MOVMENT is turning heads with their unique sound. One of the latest releases from the pair is ‘Propaganda’.

The first release from Martin Kelly (vocals and drums) and Kevin Kelly (guitars, bass and keyboard), ‘Propaganda’ is a dark melding of post-punk with tinges of contemporary alternative rock. The combination of pounding drums and dynamic guitars blend harmoniously with the prominent keyboards creating an intriguing sound. Yet, while each instrument has dominance in its own right, they are unified in a melodic flowing distortion – does that make sense?

In addition to the hard-hitting melody, ‘Propaganda’ uses simplistic lyrics to enforce a sense of fear and anxiety in the listener. The band really push the agenda of propaganda in modern society controlling every element of our lives. While the track notes the melancholic state of societal control, it portrays the concept of trustworthy sources and how they are difficult to find. What is fake? What is true? Is there such a thing as brutally honest truth nowadays?

Exploring the fine line between naïve innocence and sophisticated maturity, MOVMENT elegantly illustrates the fragility of humans. Vulnerability is the name of the game in ‘Propaganda’ with its sensitive, sentimental and genuine qualities. Moreover, the forceful execution of its hard-hitting lyricism definitely makes an impact. It is as if you are punched in the face, pulled through a dark hole and come out on the other side a quivering mess…but you like it.

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