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Track of the Week: Say What You Mean // Sydney Gordon

Embracing her musical talent at a young age, US-based Sydney Gordon began singing at age 7 to find herself performing at the iconic venue The Better End at age 13. At the age of 15, Sydney began writing and co-writing material and now, at the age of 19, is taking on the pop music scene with gusto. Featured on notable blogs like The Other Side Reviews, Sinusoidal Music, Fruit Sonic, Indie Top 39, Sydney is reaching an international audience. The latest addition to her critically acclaimed discography is the single ‘Say What You Mean’.

Hot on the heels of her debut single ‘Chains’, ‘Say What You Mean’ is an upbeat track lying somewhere between Katy Perry and Christina Perri. Immediately sending cheerful vibes to the listener, ‘Say What You Mean’ is a swirl of kaleidoscopic sound. A little heady, but not in a hazy way, Sydney fills your brain with joviality as she slides along the kaleidoscopic soundscape. While you are immediately lifted off the ground with her hard-hitting melody, the arrangement of her rich vocals and strong instrumentation soar through your soul living you grinning.

Yes, the powerful melody has you dancing and can stick in your head, but it is Sydney’s vocals that truly captivate me. Insatiable and intriguing, the smooth voice swims through your veins as the melody spins you about – sonically, of course. What makes Sydney unique is the obscure tone of her vocals adding an edginess to a typical pop sound.

All about empowerment, joy and an optimistic attitude, ‘Say What You Mean’ matches the bold melody with the inspiring lyricism. When speaking about her sophomore song, Sydney Gordon explains that it “is all about expressing your opinions and being open with others and yourself. Knowing yourself and who you are is important and sharing that with others is important too. I try to stay strong-minded and that can come off as “hard” to other people. I follow what my mind tells me and…it is okay to be assertive and say what you mean.”

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