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Track of the Week: Smile // Superbloom

Superbloom – a UK-based rock duo merging elements of 90s grunge with contemporary alternative rock. Known for their engaging melodies and poetic lyricism, Robert James (vocals and guitar) and Sam Lidington (drums and percussion) have something unique. Featured on RGM, The Other Side Reviews, Atwood Magazine, Music of the Misfits and various playlists, Superbloom is building a strong following across the globe. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed repertoire is the single ‘Smile’.

Following their well-received single ‘Paper & Stone’, ‘Smile’ finds the line between Three Days Grace, Nirvana and Radiohead. A modernisation of 90s rock music, Superbloom bring a fresh take on heavier sounds, and this is clearly evident in ‘Smile’. Hard-hitting with a powerful grunge quality, there is a grittiness to the melody – an almost palpable grittiness that leaves grime clinging to your hands. Yes, the track is heavy, but it will have you twirling about in a giddy haze despite the melancholic arrangement.

Recorded with Thomas Mitchener at Broadfield Studios, ‘Smile’ developed from “…a raw concept to accomplished realty” without much effort. Along with praising the production of the song, frontman Robert James shares that ‘Smile’ “…is definitely the most technical track we’ve written. It was one of the first songs we wrote together as a band, but we wanted to test ourselves by creating something that was rhythmically unorthodox. Our heavier, more progressive influences shine through with this one.”

Since its formation in 2020, Superbloom has shown innovation and versatility with genre-bending releases. ‘Smile’ is no exception with its poetic lyricism and awe-inspiring darker melodies. From this review, I guess you could assume that I’m a fan of Superbloom and you’d be right. ‘Smile’ will be on repeat for the next few weeks, and I can’t wait to see (or rather hear) what the lads have in store.

In addition to the single, Superbloom released an official music video for ‘Smile’:

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