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Track of the Week: Soothe My Soul // Hotel California

Merging the soulful sounds of Paul Simon, Cat Stevens and James Bay, Hotel California has a calming and soul-stirring sound. Using the moniker Hotel California, producer and singer-songwriter Daniel Green is crafting a contemporary form of old-school folk. Having performed at Vans Warped Tour and Sziget Festival, Green easily engages with audiences and is turning heads with his charming work. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed repertoire is ‘Soothe My Soul’.

Focusing primarily on songs of human nature and existential truths, Hotel California takes you along a journey of enlightenment with his tunes. As with the other 23 tracks written during lockdown, ‘Soothe My Soul’ is captivating and infectious. More languid than ‘Trust’ and more inspiring than ‘Some of You Remember Me Like This’, ‘Soothe My Soul’ finds the balance between desperate melancholy and uplifting optimism.

One of the most unique elements in ‘Soothe My Soul’ is the incorporation of acoustic and synthetic instrumentation. A guitar-driven song, Daniel combines simplistic guitar picking with a laidback vibe; however, the song soon swells into a captivating lead guitar solo. Yet, while there is an electronic influence, Daniel combines acoustic guitar, piano and electric guitar to end the song with a mellow flow.

“When I first became aware of daylight lamps I suddenly understood: it’s not just me. We all need more light in winter times. Especially in Covid times in bigger cities with apartments without balcony. Maybe evolution meant for us to live nearer to the sun…I love the summer and this year more than ever I would love to see the ocean once again. Hopefully, we are allowed to plan a wonderful vacation somewhere at the Atlantic. I need this light as I need air to breathe. Let me take you for a walk at the beach while we listen to the new single ‘Soothe My Soul’.” – Hotel California on ‘Soothe My Soul’

As with all of the Hotel California music, there is a languid and tranquil effect to the melody. The vocals not only merge with the harmonic flow but add extra smoothness to the song. Using a personal narrative, Daniel’s elegantly executes witty lyricism with an obscure lilt. Not rough or throaty, but with a heartwarming richness, Daniel wraps you in a warm blanket with his moving single. It seems that ‘Soothe My Soul’ is truly soothing all souls during this trying time.

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