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Track of the Week: Spirit of the Times // Gabrielle Ornate

Drawing together the sounds of Lady Gaga, Kate Bush and Tame Impala, UK-based singer-songwriter Gabrielle Ornate adds modern edginess to contemporary pop. Known for her ethereal lyrics and engaging melodies, there is an intimate energy behind all of Gabrielle’s songs. Since the release of her debut single ‘The March of the Caterpillars’, the songstress has turned the heads of critics across the globe. In only one year she has built a strong name for herself in the indie music scene featuring on notable blogs like The Other Side Reviews, Sinusoidal Music, Clout, YMX and Rock Era Magazine (to name a few). The latest addition to her eclectic repertoire is ‘Spirit of the Times’.

This is not my first time listening to Gabrielle Ornate, however, her obscurity and innovativeness take my breath away each time I hear her music. Following her single ‘Rewrite The Rules’, ‘Spirit of the Times’ shows an evolution in Gabrielle’s sound with an indie-rock influence. Moving from her surreal synth-driven sound, the songstress takes a step into a harder, heavier soundscape. While psychedelic synths continue to make an appearance, ‘Spirit of the Times’ uses pounding drums and dynamic guitars to create a hard-hitting melody.

If you were to listen to Gabrielle’s full discography, you would feel a strong leaning toward bohemian sounds. The thing is, while there is still an underlying bohemian-ness to the music, ‘Spirit of the Times’ is like seeing the tumultuous waves beneath the smooth sonic lake come to the surface. Gabrielle no longer takes you on a soft, floating journey but now embraces a kaleidoscopic edginess in the energetic track. Gabrielle’s vocals may be compared to Lady Gaga but in this single, her attitude is far more Lzzy Hale.

Anthemic, awesome and intriguing, ‘Spirit of the Times’ has a rock-inspired joviality that has you dancing from the first chord. It ignites your spirit, ensnares your senses and commands you to sing along to the throbbing beat. Personally, I love it and can’t wait for more.

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