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Track of the Week: Tacoma Narrows // Point Lobo

Described by Crosby Stewart of InTune Music as “sounding like a chance encounter between Thundercat and Tame Impala…”, Point Lobo certainly has a unique and unmistakable sound. While composing music for podcasts, musicians and television shows, the singer-songwriter/composer impresses us with his skills as a solo artist. Prominent in the LA indie music scene, Point Lobo already has a following and strong reputation; however, his music is also reaching audiences across the globe with features in YMX, Sinusoidal Music and more. The latest addition to his discography is ‘Tacoma Narrows’.

The title track off his six-track EP, ‘Tacoma Narrows’ is a merging of dream-pop, indie-pop and tinges of post-punk in the cinematic soundscape. Reminding me greatly of the 80s synth-pop sound, but adding a contemporary flair, Point Lobo creates a new breed of electronic music. Moreover, the incorporation of a tenor saxophone by Hitomi Oba and trombone by Nick DePianna broadens the style for more audiences. The odd thing is the melody is not what I find intriguing, rather the alignment of the melody with the contextual content.

Inspired by the bridge collapse of the same name, the track is a sonic representation of fear, anxiety and chaos. The idea that one event can alter peoples’ lives completely is captured in the synth-based song. It is a case of organised madness where Point Lobo details the feelings of wild confusion and overall breath-taking shock when the bridge collapses – executed by the energetic horn solos. I’m not one for synth-driven tracks, but ‘Tacoma Narrows’ is something I can get into…I suggest you do the same.

In addition to the single, Point Lobo has released an official lyric video for ‘Tacoma Narrows’ that can be seen below:

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