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Track of the Week: The End Of A Nightmare // Of Shadows And Lights

The brainchild of singer-songwriter and producer Angelo Pitone, Of Shadows and Lights has a unique fusion of classic and indie rock. Incorporating elements of synth-based post-punk, Angelo seems to have found the unique balance of psychedelic and aggressive sounds in his music. Compared to the likes of Muse, Dave Gahan, Noel Gallagher, Palaye Royale and Nothing But Thieves, this Italian musician seems to bring the sounds of the 70s/80s to contemporary society. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Indie Dock Music Blog, Thoughts Words Actions, Rockit, Fruit Sonics, YMX and tons of radio stations, Of Shadows and Lights is gaining a global following. We are looking at his latest release ‘The End Of A Nightmare’.

Following his hard-hitting single ‘Under Control’, ‘The End Of A Nightmare’ is a heart-pounding 4-minute track showcasing a head-turning array of different musical styles. From the angsty post-punk to a powerful melodic metal approach, this track is evident of Angelo’s boundary-breaking sound. It is as if you are tipped into a kaleidoscopic whirlpool of sound flung this way and that in all its sonic glory. Yet, while the melody is aggressive there seems to be a flowing smoothness in its rage – does that make any sense?

Melodically provocative and noteworthy, one would assume that the melody is the thing that grabs your attention, however, it is the depth of lyrical content that really hits you between the eyes. Touching on the experiences of society living within a Covid-19 pandemic world, there is both a personal intimacy and riotous scream in the content. The heavy, gritty melody aligns with the question of “what’s going on and why are we living in such a nightmare-ish reality” – a question most people ask even if we are slowly emerging from our tormented cocoons. It is this explosion of raw emotion in ‘The End of A Nightmare’ that connects with people.

Captivating and hypnotic, ‘The End Of A Nightmare’ is a song to reflect the populous during this difficult time. It touches on all emotions from frustration and anger to depression and insecurity. One much consider this an anthemic single and I’ll be honest it does haunt you for hours after listening to the tune.

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