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Track of the Week: Time Stand Still // Alan Dreezer

An established artist, Alan Dreezer has seen his share of the pop world. Previous collaborations with artists saw him tour with pop duo Tara 2 and play High Barn Great Bardfield with pop-rock group ADProject. Now, he has chosen to embrace a solo career striking out with a new sound. Describing himself as an electropop singer-songwriter, Alan is dropping beats and soothing souls with his music. From his well-received debut album LONDON E12 (released in 2018) to a nomination in the Best Solo Artist category at the 2020 Essex Panic Awards, the Italy-based artist is making waves. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Time Stand Still’.

Following his 2021 single ‘The Chase’, Alan moves from an upbeat melody to a softer, soothing ballad style. Melding a strong piano line with powerful drumbeats and his dulcet tones, ‘Time Stand Still’ tosses you into a glittering sonic pool. Yet, while there is a melancholic vibe about the track, it also has a smile-inducing flow that captures your heart. As I noted, Alan describes himself as an electropop artist; however, ‘Time Stand Still’ brings out a more sophisticated contemporary pop sound.

Written and produced with SBNJMN and Elliot Richardson, ‘Time Stand Still’ is the sixth track from Alan’s upcoming album H E A L E D. In its melody and theme, Alan shows that pop can be profound instead of just something bopping on the radio. ‘Time Stand Still’ explores life experiences and wonders how we can retain the feelings, lessons and memories. Alan explains that “this song is me asking myself the question ‘what have been the best moments of my life so far’…they are brief and disappear into memory quickly so the best ones you want to try to hold on to. Your memory is often all you have to rely on as you didn’t know that perfect moment was coming. Sometimes a photograph, video or a song can help you bring back those feelings if you are lucky.”

Reflective, nostalgic, insightful and sentimental, ‘Time Stand Still’ is a sonic expression of holding magic moments in your hand. Its sincerity and tenderness make it anthemic, and I look forward to Alan’s upcoming album.

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