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Track of the Week: Welcome To My Show // KrizRok

For many people, 2020 and 2021 have been filled with uncertainty. An uncertainty regarding their careers, social lives, education, entertainment and a lot more. Living with the Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging, however, there have been benefits. Sitting in a quiet, insular environment has allowed for self-reflection and creativity to flourish. One of these flourishing uses of creativity is new music from German musician KrizRok.

Drawn to music at a young age, KrizRok became completely obsessed with performing and music production in his teens. We will see him act on these addictions playing over 1000 gigs and a guitarist and single, writing songs and being involved in music production. In 2020, his debut single ‘Feeling’ was released reaching the ears of several radio stations. He has replicated this international attention with his sophomore single ‘Welcome To My Show’.

Described by KMS Reviews as “perfect medicine against anything moody, dark and bad”, ‘Welcome To My Show’ is an upbeat, buoyant and toe-tapping single. Moving from the pop-rock style of ‘Feeling’, the latest track is far more jovial drawing on influences Ed Sheeran and James Blunt. While both singles have a strong pop-inspired tone, the transition in genres shows KrizRok’s innovativeness as an artist.

While the vocals of the song have a prominent position in execution, it is the melodic arrangement of instrumentation that makes ‘Welcome To My Show’ really “pop”. Adding a salsa feel to the pop-inspired melody, the guitar, synths, drums and percussion has a warm, charming and infectious vibe. Tossed into a kaleidoscopic whirlpool of sound, it is easy to lose your head in the melodic effects of ‘Welcome To My Show’; however, the bold vocals brings everything together with an authoritative tone.

I am a sucker for musicals and The Greatest Showman is a favourite. Hugh Jackman’s powerful voice grabs your hand taking you on a bubble-gum pink, candy-floss journey – an almost unparalleled delight. Yet, when I listen to ‘Welcome To My Show’, I seem to be transported to another jovial circus tent where KrizRok effortlessly joins Hugh Jackman in a sonic swirl. Anthemic and uplifting, ‘Welcome To My Show’ is something I will definitely have on repeat.

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