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Track of the Week: What If I // Luke Potter

Approximately four years ago, singer-songwriter Luke Potter blast onto the scene with his well-received single ‘Something More’ and he’s still making waves. With a reputation for flowing melodies and engaging performances, Luke has performed across the UK and the US playing at Hard Rock Cafe (Hollywood), House of Blues (Atlantic City and Orlando) and The Cavern (Liverpool). Working with Swedish producers Claes Funke, Marcus Lindberg and Hjalmar Wilen, he embraces different cultures in his melodic cascade of tunes. The latest addition to Luke’s critically acclaimed discography is the single ‘What If I’.

‘What If I’ is not only an enchanting ballad but also showcases the innovativeness of Luke as an artist. Moving from the hip-hop single ‘In Another Life’ to the synth-laden ‘Dance with the Devil’, ‘What If I’ is a stripped-back folk meets pop track displaying his eclecticism and eagerness to explore various genres.

A Tom Odell meets James Bay with a twinkle of Hozier, the piano-led tune oozes intimacy and sincerity. Using a personal narrative, Luke engages the audience to touch on the grittier sides of romantic break-ups really tapping into the devastating heartache therein. Luke’s soft vocals meld seamlessly with the spine-chilling piano with infectious harmonies dripping down your back. Beautiful in its simplicity, ‘What If I’ is a rich, robust and compelling song filling your soul before gutting you with its tragic lyricism.

“It may be uncomfortable to put out a song that shows raw emotion that you felt a few years ago, especially when you’ve moved on. But everyone is in a different place in their lives and this song couldn’t have been more real. The vocal was recorded moments after finishing a relationship that was supposed to have had a “happy ever after” ending. All the feelings were true. This is how it sounds when you know you’ve broken someone’s heart.” – Luke Potter on ‘What If I’

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