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Track Review: 12 Limbs // Memoirs

Believe it or not, it is rare that I come across Russian bands. We accept submissions on an international scale, but I hardly find myself reviewing Russian artists…today is one of these exceptions.

Formed in 2003 in, well, Russia, Ben (vocals and keyboards), Art (guitar and bass) and Roman (drums) reject the stereotypical norms of rock bands to embrace a more versatile and innovative sound. As 12 Limbs, they create engaging, energetic and expressive music to break boundaries and defy genres. Receiving coverage from RGM, The Other Side Reviews, Pure Grain Audio and Rest of the World Blog, 12 Limbs are starting to splash out on European and US shores. The latest addition to their growing discography is the single ‘Memoirs’.

Penned during Covid-19 lockdown, ‘Memoirs’ is an exploration of people’s lives as we navigate the “new normal” with social distancing, wearing masks and remaining at home. While acts previously attached to hermits, this normalisation of total isolation is profound, compelling and relevant to global society. It is the relevancy that 12 Limbs pursues to engage with listeners on a personal and deeper level – reaching them a grassroots level feeling they are connected.

Combining heartfelt lyricism with melodic instrumentation, particularly the use of underlying keys, 12 Limbs build a sonic representation of today’s society. Written as a tribute to the changing global situation, ‘Memoirs’ is not only a reminiscence of “the good old days”, but a moving recognition of how succumbing to total isolation eliminates the chance of making new memories.

While the lyrical content itself is powerful, it is the delivery that makes ‘Memoirs’ unforgettable. A mish-mash of moving guitars, dynamic drums and Ben’s husky vocals make the track a rollercoaster of emotions. 12 Limbs outdo themselves in ‘Memoirs’ as it reaches into your soul, rattles you about a bit and leaves you trembling…but in a good way.

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