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Track Review: 3amtomorrow // Reaction

I miss out on a lot of things, but for the past four years my life has been void of a truly outstanding indie-rock group from San Francisco…and now that void is filled with 3amTomorrow. A US-based trio, 3amTomorrow is upbeat, passionate, energetic and engaging. After several lineup changes since their inception in 2016, the group has emerged with founding members Mikael-Ja’Hon Moore (vocals), Darren Myers (bass) and Victor Slagle (drums).

Focusing primarily on performances in their early years, as well as collaborations with artists from the San Francisco East Bay area, 3amTomorrow does not have an extensive discography – but that doesn’t mean what they do have isn’t good. Beginning their exciting Spotify/SoundCloud career, the lads release their debut single ‘Reaction’.

Touching on topics of anxiety, frustration, angst and, ultimately, the acceptance of mundane existence, ‘Reaction’ is 3amTomorrow’s reaction to a dull, dissolving society. Written as an autobiographical narrative, the lads embrace a storytelling framework to showcase their provoking, but lighthearted, connection with audiences.

Despite the dismal content, 3amTomorrow illustrate the hopefulness of acknowledgement as a good and not necessarily depressing thing. Using upbeat, jangly-pop melodies, ‘Reaction’ lies somewhere between The Beatles, Dodgy and Supertramp. Not only is the instrumentation cheery, but Mikael-Ja’Hon’s vocals increase the buoyancy of the track. Infectious and exciting, ‘Reaction’ is an earworm that you just won’t be able to get out of your head…trust me on this!

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