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Track Review: 7:30 // Daniella Spadini

Despite having only two singles released on Spotify, Daniella Spadini is already an established star – at least that’s what I believe she will be. Inspired by a unique perspective on life, this young songstress has been creating music that is not only profound but highly engaging. Beginning as a teen, she performed with a Top 40 cover group playing numerous shows. After choosing to focus on a solo project, Daniella received a scholarship to Berklee College of Music’s Five-Week Program. She is currently attending Berklee studying songwriting.

Alright, brief intro over so what about the core of this US-based artist. Featured in Mystic Sons, Indie Top 39, It’s All Indie, The Other Side Reviews, YMX and The A&R Factory, Daniella is reaching audiences on a global basis. Her soothing tones and moving melodies contribute to a growing following on several continents. The latest addition to her discography is ‘7:30’.

Following her well-received debut single ‘Part of You’, ‘7:30’ adopts an acoustic-inspired pop ballad. Showing that you don’t need too many “bells and whistles”, Daniella embraces the simplicity of barebones styles. Yet, while the simplicity is prominent in ‘7:30’, the crescendo into a drum-pounding, guitar-blasting melody adds power to the track. It is this movement from slower, steadier harmonies to a hard-hitting tune, then back again, that showcases Daniella’s innovativeness as an artist.

As with many ballads, the song touches on elements of heartache, anxiety, isolation and despair. The thing is, while her haunting vocals emphasise the desperate poignancy behind the lyricism, there is a sense of underlying empowerment. Considering her youth, it is intriguing that Daniella has such a sophisticated, mature and polished sound. I expect great things from Daniella Spadini.

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