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Track Review: A Birthmark On My Hip // Bad Blood

The brainchild of UK-based singer-songwriter Matt Dean, Bad Blood is a lively alternative rock project oozing punk-infused rebellion. Aiming to make his mark in the UK alt-rock scene, Bad Blood begins his musical pursuit with the debut single ‘A Birthmark On My Hip’. While the singer-songwriter has only a single track to his name, he is already making a large impact on an international level. Featured on The Punk Head, Less Than 1000 Followers, Mystic Sons, Motion News and various playlists, Bad Blood is quickly building a strong following. Come with us as we delve into Bad Blood’s track ‘A Birthmark On My Hip’.

Influenced by the likes of Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys, 21 Pilots, Paul Simon and Lana Del Rey, it is difficult to pigeon-hole Bad Blood. With a layer of obscurity in the eclectic soundscape, ‘A Birthmark On My Hip’ dusts punk with murky grunge and carefully creates a hazy sonic forest. As an expert storyteller, his personal narrative not only adds intimacy to the poetic lyricism but also sees him coercing the listener to become the protagonist in the track. It is this significant introspection that enhances the sincerity and sentimentality of ‘A Birthmark On My Hip’.

Touching on issues of selfishness and indifference to other people’s emotions, ‘A Birthmark On My Hip’ is an obnoxious, rebellious and arrogant single – both lyrically and melodically. Bad Blood explains that ‘A Birthmark On My Hip’ begins with a story and takes it from there – “It always starts with a story. This song was written to reflect those feelings of being selfish, and reckless from time to time. Being able to go through life without taking responsibility for your actions; the protagonist has chosen to forego relationships, community and belonging, taking ‘looking after number one’ to the extreme.”

Abrupt, brash and narcissistic, ‘A Birthmark On My Hip’ reflects the arrogance we find in daily life; however, it has a toe-tapping quality that is far more appealing than a selfish know-it-all. I cannot wait for more from this talented musician!

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