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Track Review: A Million Monkeys // Gnarfunkel

Known for energetic performances and soul-stirring melodies, Canada-based Gnarfunkel brings groovy vibes to all their audiences. Fusing elements of rock, hip-hop, psychedelia, funk and world music, the group has developed an eclectic and obscure sound dubbed “gnar funk”. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Canadian Beats, Find No Enemy, Sinusoidal Music and various playlists, the awesome foursome is making waves on an international scale. The latest addition to their well-received repertoire is ‘A Million Monkeys’.

Following their single ‘Full Flower Moon’, Gnarfunkel moves from an indie-folk style to a smoother folk meets funk design. Dragging the sounds of the 70s and 80s to contemporary music scenes, I can easily see the group twirling about with long hair, bell-bottoms and a warm connection with their audience. The combination of guitars, drums and harmonica find a line between synthetic and organic in the rich melodic arrangement. Add Myles Hildebrand’s bold vocals and there is an instant intimacy to the poetic sound.

‘A Million Monkeys’ does appear to have a chilled-out vibe making me imagine Chicago sessions with Robert Lamm, Peter Cetera and Terry Kath, but the “gnar funk” sound has a modern-day edginess in its obscurity. As with the iconic Chicago, the funkiness belied a more serious message. Vocalist Myles Hildebrand shares that ‘A Million Monkeys’ touches on difficulties in communication, strained relationships and the difficulties of expressing emotions – something many people feel today.

Sometimes you struggle to find a way to put love into words. One day you decide that even a monkey, wildly and randomly clacking away at a typewriter could do a better job. ‘A Million Monkeys’ tells this story…” – Myles Hildebrand on ‘A Million Monkeys’.

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