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Track Review: A Song For You // John Love

Individually, talented musicians John Love, Charlie Brooks and Colette J. Beckwith have experience performing with various bands; however, the three came together to work on John’s solo project. Using personal narratives and evocative soundscapes, the US-based artists share a unique, mature and intriguing sound with the masses. While this is the group’s initial release, they can be considered a new band without any gigs. Yet, they do have experience as performers and bring together their skills in a languid, charming way. We take a look at one of their recent singles ‘A Song For You’.

Critically acclaimed by notable indie blogs like The Other Side Reviews, Sinusoidal Music, Pop Fad Blog, The Bops Collective and Buzz Music, John Love is reaching audiences on an international scale. In our little review, we duly agree with these bloggers in their positive opinions on ‘A Song For You’. Following the 2020 instrumental EP The Corontina Fantasia, John highlights his way of making a piano sing and excite our eardrums. Yet, it is in ‘A Song For You’ that the trio showcases their innovation adopting a happier, upbeat and jovial tone instead of the more melancholic ones.

Combining Charlie Brooks’ dynamic guitars, Colette J. Beckwith’s pounding drums and John Love’s dulcet tones and piano, ‘A Song For You’ is a chilled-out sonic swirl. Easily placed alongside artists like The Beatles (who happen to be an influence), John Love weaves a fun-loving tune with poignant lyricism. In fact, it is the rich execution of the lyricism with a harmonic melodic arrangement that makes the track so infectious.

Bold, warm and bright vocals touch on the topics of relationships, childish naivety, human fragility and inner growth. John Love shares that “the main character of the song represents the path of youthful ignorance on its way to mature understanding. While the secondary character is meant to represent a more compassionate empathy as the main character voyages through their journey to understanding and, ultimately, acceptance.”

Sincere, genuine, sentimental and nostalgic, the optimistic track pays tribute to self-development after a breakup. Inspired by “looking back on a previous relationship with a more mature mindset than the past, younger point of view”, John Love connects on a deeper level with all audiences. I am pleased to say I had the privilege of being part of this audience.

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