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Track Review: Aaron Spencer // Flower

If The Ramones were to have a lovechild with The Yardbirds and it was adopted by The Kinks, then Aaron Spencer would be it. Based in Liverpool, this singer-songwriter takes inspiration from personal experiences to create an engaging, emotive sound. Pursuing his dream of a solo musical career, Aaron is a unique, distinctive lily among the thorns. Featured in Clout, Reyt Good Magazine and Indie Buddie (to name a few), the young singer is slowly gaining international coverage as one to watch. The latest addition to his repertoire is the single ‘Flowers’.

Following the critically acclaimed debut single ‘Sticky Dancefloor’, ‘Flower’ touches on issues of escapism, isolation and desperation; however, the brusque soundscape does incorporate a sense of hopefulness and optimism as the protagonist in the song does have some sort of relief from her dismal existence. As if “staring through the looking glass”, Aaron looks at the grittiness of reality and exposes people’s vulnerability in situations.

“The song digs below the surface and states that there’s more of a sombre reason behind people’s actions. You shouldn’t judge unless you are willing to spend some time in their shoes.” – Aaron Spencer on ‘Flower’

While the gruff vocals enhance the poignancy and pain in the tale, it is the incorporation of distorted instrumentation that really grabs your wrist and takes you along on a musical journey. An indie-rock track with some punk undertones, ‘Flower’ is an incredibly emotive song. A complex track, there is a melodious harmony between the griminess of Aaron’s English-accented voice and the warped guitars. It is this contrasting element that sends ‘Flower’ into your brain, reverberates for a while and turns you inside out…but it’s a great sensation!

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