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Track Review: Difficult Year // Aaron Yorke

2020 was a difficult year for most people across the globe. It was stressful, tiring and filled with all degrees of frustration and weariness. Now it is behind us and we embrace a new year full of hope; however, we must never forget the challenges that have passed. Aaron Yorke encapsulated the various experiences of 2020 in his new single ‘Difficult Year’.

Unlike the challenging twelve months everyone faced in 2020, Aaron’s ‘Difficult Year’ is soothing, charming and relaxing. While the single incorporates orchestral instrumentation through the three-minute track, it is a heartwarming piano-led song. Intricately weaving heartfelt lyricism into a rich, bold three minutes of music, Aaron shows us why he is entirely unique.

“This year will always be remembered as the moment the whole world stood still. For me, it is also the moment I made some changes for the better and never looked back.” – Aaron Yorke on ‘Difficult Year’

I might compare the track to something from Paul McCartney or Stevie Wonder with a similar intimacy behind the melody, but it wouldn’t do Aaron any justice. The profundity and poignancy of ‘Difficult Year’ is not only in the beautiful piano-playing but lies in his robust vocals. Etched with a sense of empowerment and optimism, Aaron’s voice oozes a sentimentality and sincerity that can carry us through the new year.

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