Track Review: Aaron Yorke // Storms

Hailing from Worcester, England, Aaron Yorke is an award-winning singer-songwriter. In his almost 15 years career as a folk singer-songwriter, as of September 2020, Aaron has received coverage from BBC Radio and BBC Introducing (to name a few). He has supported the Tom Robinson Band, Scouting For Girls and McFly, as well as performing at BBC Children In Need in Birmingham and LakeFest. The latest addition to his repertoire is the EP Storms, but we’re looking at the title track of Storms in this review. We’ll tackle six-track sensation some other time.

After a considerable time focusing on gigging, Aaron returns to writing new songs and recording new material. The follow-up to his 2020 single ‘Satellites’, ‘Storms’ is one of the first tracks off his new EP Storms – I think we already covered that. Anyway, moving on…

Reminiscent of old-school Ed Sheeran, but with a far more distinctive and unique voice, Aaron emerges as a soulful and melodic artist. An ode to his wife when she lost someone close to her, ‘Storms’ is heartwarming and passionate with true sincerity. Lyrically, the content is quite endearing and moving – you can hear how much he cares for his wife. However, it is not only the lyrics that make this an emotional track.

Using a piano and his voice, Aaron Yorke has achieved a sentimental simplicity to break your heart and overwhelm the senses. If you aren’t careful, you find yourself blubbering in the corner with a wistful look on your face.

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