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Track Review: Enough Is Enough // Abi Mia

The Covid-19 pandemic has not been good for anyone, but it has had some positive influences here and there – just look at Abi Mia. A singer-songwriter from London, Abi Mia rekindled her passion for music during 2020 and blast onto the UK music scene with her pop single ‘Fly Your Way’. Featured on several online radio stations, this talented artist shows an innovative and somewhat eclectic use of several genres in her tracks. The latest addition to her exciting repertoire is ‘Enough Is Enough’.

Moving from the synth-laden 80s-pop single ‘This Life’, ‘Enough Is Enough’ is more alt-rock influenced with some hard-rock undertones. Think Kelly Clarkson singing with Three Days Grace and you might have some idea of ‘Enough Is Enough’. Combining powerful guitars with tender vocals and a simplistic “percussion” effect makes the track something unique and original.

What I find most intriguing about Abi Mia’s music is not the personal narrative lyricism or significant messages within the track, but Abi Mia’s unique vocals. With a slight obscure lilt to her robust vocals, there is a tinge of Amanda Palmer in Florence Welch-esque tone. Made for power-ballads, Abi Mia can move one to tears or push one to twirl around screaming without much difficulty.

“My next release ‘Enough Is Enough’ was inspired by unfortunately so many unjust and wrong things going on in the world at the moment. It is an anthem to get people out of their own way, to stand up for what is right even if it doesn’t directly effect them.” – Abi Mia on ‘Enough Is Enough’

An endearing voice accompanied by heavy guitar solos and a “clicking” of some sort in the background, ‘Enough Is Enough’ is a relentless declaration of empowerment and “pissed off-ness” in the most beautiful way possible.

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