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Track Review: About You // Jared Harper

After a two-year hiatus, San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Jared Harper is back with a clean, smooth sound for the masses. Following his appearance on Season 18 of The Voice, Jared built up a loyal following with over 6K views on his YouTube (not to mention other social media). Receiving international attention by radio stations and notable blogs, including YMX and A&R Factory, for his single ‘If I Can’t Have You’, it is clear that Jared is something special. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed discography is ‘About You’.

Produced by Josh Tyrell, ‘About You’ is a well-textured track combining soothing instrumentation with Jared’s soulful vocals. Drawing inspiration from the uncertain and emotionally taxing year that was 2020, the new single touches on feelings of isolation, frustration and longing. At first listen, one might consider the track to be a typical alternative rock love ballad; however, Jared has released it at such a point that the single could be a theme song for people living in today’s secluded society.

Along with his bold and heartwarming nature, Jared showcases his versatility with ‘About You’. Moving from the soul/blues ‘If I Can’t Have You’, ‘About You’ brings a hint of folk/country to the alternative rock sound. A slightly upbeat track, there is an interesting juxtaposition between melodic cheer and lyrical solemnity exposing vulnerability, fragility and sophistication.

In ‘About You’, Jared weaves a harmonic blanket of rich vocals and endearing instrumentation encapsulating you in a comfortable cocoon before illustrating the raw sincerity of the track. Definitely an anthem for the masses of today’s society, ‘About You’ has a bit of a haunting quality sending chills down your arms while being a breathtaking love song.

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