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Track Review: Ambergris // Acrost

Blending the euphoric sounds of dream-pop with the intimacy of folk music, Acrost has a way of transporting a person to a surreal whirlpool of sound. Elegant and slightly ethereal, the acoustic singer-songwriter can ensnare your senses with existential truths over mystical music. Some big words there, but then I am into over-exaggerating almost everything with my words; however, I am not exaggerating the power of Acrost’s harmonic melodies. The latest addition to his moving repertoire is ‘Ambergris’.

“Inspired by true stories, ‘Ambergris’ talks about a girl who really misses her boyfriend after they broke up. She’s not able to get through this so she decides to do a spell to make him come back. The magical spell requires the use of a rare object called ambergris. She was willing to do anything, even the impossible task of finding this object in order to bring her lover back.” – Acrost on ‘Ambergris’

Reminiscent of Damien Rice and Bon Iver, Acrost arranges delicate instrumentation with fragile vocals in a hypnotic way. The common theme of folklore and mystical tales is enhanced in ‘Ambergris’ touching on isolation, confusion, despair and raw sentimentality in the desperate narrative. This connection with superstitious experiences is seen in Acrost’s “airy” songs, yet the latest single seems to have a soul-stirring sincerity that is disconcerting but necessary.

Teetering on the cusp of brash reality and unearthly bizarreness, ‘Ambergris’ is haunting in melody and vocals. The final release of 2020, Acrost ends the year in style only to keep the harmony lingering all the way into 2021.

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