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Track Review: After Effects // Jzzy

For approximately two years, US-based singer-songwriter Jzzy has been entertaining audiences with her bold, brash style. Jzzy, also known as Jasmine Mohammed, is only 19 years old, yet her music brings the sophistication of established sound and innocence of teenage angst into a big sonic bubble. Featured on notable blogs like Pop Passion, Sinusoidal Music, Tongue Tied Magazine, Rolling Stone India, and various playlists, Jzzy is reaching audiences on a global level. The latest addition to her critically acclaimed repertoire is the single ‘After Effects’.

Reminiscent of the anthemic pop-rock track ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ by Wheatus, ‘After Effects’ is filled with angsty, edgy and brutal honesty. Following her song ‘Bare Minimum’, Jzzy adopts a heavier, more rock-inspired sound with ‘After Effects’. Combining dynamic guitars, pounding drums and Jzzy’s bold vocals, the new track is heavy and hard-hitting. As I mentioned, ‘After Effects’ is similar to ‘Teenage Dirtbag’; however, the almost Hayley Williams style of the track adds a contemporariness to old-school pop-rock.

While I compare Jzzy to Hayley Williams, there is a difference between the two – Jzzy is far more youthful. Unlike the honed tone of Williams, there appears to be a rawness to Jzzy’s vocal execution. Its rawness melded with richness has a unique effect as she walks the line between innocence and maturity. ‘After Effects’, after all, is about the difficulties of being a youngster, and this songstress eloquently expresses a universally relatable feeling of anxiety. The thing is, ‘After Effects’ has some desperate vibes while being an empowering track to soar above the bad. As Jzzy explains, ‘After Effects’ is about “…needing to go back to have the last say.”

Bold, rough, sentimental and sincere, I am exceptionally impressed by ‘After Effects’. A fan of pop rock, I can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve.

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