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Track Review: Alien Feelings // Scream

Want to hear an amusing story? Alright, a bit of a fun fact about alt-rock group Alien Feelings is that they were banned from performing in their hometown of Wrexham. Additional fun fact: Alien Feelings was banned in the same year they were formed. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Hailing from the border of North Wales, Tim, Dale, Josh and Ryan formed the energetic, enthusiastic and outrageously captivating foursome Alien Feelings in 2019. While the band was founded in 2019, Alien Feelings was an unconscious idea from their days at school discussing Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slayer, Pink Floyd, The Who, Nirvana and Green Day at the expense of their education. Fast-forward a few years and the lads are introducing the world to their aggressive but exciting sound.

Coming off their debut EP Bondage & Lipstick, ‘Scream’ is a forceful punch in the head – but in the best way possible. With the raucous guitars, pulsating bass, pounding drums and blunt vocals, Alien Feelings teeter on the cusp of 90s grunge and alt-rock. ‘Scream’, in particular, bears a similarity to iconic bands like Nirvana, All American Rejects and Soundgarden, but with a wild passion that is completely Alien Feelings.

A fiery single, ‘Scream’ shows the foursome’s dynamic ferocity in their “punk rock and get stoned” sound. Based on this track, we have to agree with the lads when they say “there’s only one thing better than a singalong: a shoutalong”. Needless to say, we will be shouting along with Alien Feelings any time of the day.

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