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Track Review: All Behind // Dr Fabola

If Jason Mraz and Tracy Chapman were to have a child, the chances are likely it would be Dr Fabola. Described as “…the best socks in the business and music that’s the sweetest thing you’ll ever know…” (Acoustic Café Warrington), the UK-based singer-songwriter melds folk, jazz and acoustic pop into his unique sound. This is my introduction to Dr Fabola, but he has been turning people’s heads with engaging performances and coverage from blogs like Jammerzine. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘All Behind’.

After one of his shows, Dr Fabola was mistaken by a member of the audience for – the thing is, I’m unsure has the soothing vibes Dr Fabola has. Following his track ‘Autumn Dream’, ‘All Behind’ is this singer-songwriter’s first release in 2022. As with ‘Autumn Dream’, we hear an acoustic quirkiness in the new single. Yet, while Dr Fabola retains the smooth, flowing style of his previous work, ‘All Behind’ is slightly quirkier with its soul meets folk tones. The melodic arrangement of this acoustic ballad speaks to a person’s heart, and you can easily fall into the harmonic lull of Dr Fabola’s work.

Beginning his musical journey as a child in Nigeria, Dr Fabola was a multi-instrumentalist at a young age learning both the piano and guitar. Moving to Manchester, England, in 2018, he took this solid music foundation and began astounding audiences at cafes, lounges and festivals – an astounding quality that seeps through ‘All Behind’. Without a need for bells and whistles, the simplistic melody and poetic lyricism highlight how minimalistic, acoustic approaches can be the most memorable.

Sincere, sentimental and charming, Dr Fabola makes you grin while sending shivers down your spine with ‘All Behind’.

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