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Track Review: All I Know // Dom Malin

We all have those “pivotal moments” in our lives where we find ourselves, discover something within us, and sometimes serendipitously come across what we should be doing with our lives – Dom Malin found where he should be after writing his first song (which happened to be the same day he performed Green Day’s ‘Time Of Your Life’ at a talent show). With the charm of Simon and Garfunkel, the poetic intensity of Leonard Cohen, and the contemporary haunting of Tom Odell, US-based singer-songwriter Dom Malin is a star in the making. Described by publications as having an “…unfiltered charm…and a rich folky tone that is both smooth and rousing” (Boot Music), Dom Malin’s music can leave you soothed but retains an intimate profoundness making him rather unique.

Following his rich festive single ‘When December Returns’, Dom begins 2023 with a bold blast in his tune ‘All I Know’. Smooth and soothing with a laidback flow, the track’s calming ambience can tip you into a world of gentle, um, calm. Interestingly enough, while there is a softness to ‘All I Know’ leaning toward a complete state of serenity, ‘All I Know’ has a provocative and profound nature elegantly portrayed in the minimalist soundscape.

“’All I Know’ was inspired by the line ‘down by the river, she calls to a saint’. Following a conversation with a friend, I had this vision of losing someone close due to mental health. This allowed me to explore the movements, thoughts and restlessness that becomes of someone with deep sorrow. The song is depicted in two different points of view, one who is watching and one who is living it.” – Dom Malin on ‘All I Know’

Using simplistic instrumentation in a fluid melody, this talented folk artist harmonises the fluidity of the tune with the brash, painful desperation of the lyricism. Indie Music Center shared that Dom Malin’s “…pen is of rare precision, playing with rhymes, sounds and syllables like a mad juggler…” – we have to agree considering the kaleidoscopic nature of his minimalistic approach. His vulnerability is palpable as he delicately explores complex emotions and human fragility in ‘All I Know’.

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