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Track Review: And Then You Wonder // S J Denney

Finding and embracing his love for music at an early age, UK-based singer-songwriter S J Denney has a unique indie-pop meets folk sound. Lying somewhere between The Beatles and Neil Young but with a contemporary edginess, S J Denney is making waves in the UK music scene. Featured on Rock Era Magazine, Rising Artists Blog, FV Music Blog, The Other Side Reviews and several playlists, he is reaching an international audience. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘And Then You Wonder’.

Performing in various bands and now as a solo artist, S J Denney has a wealth of knowledge from which to draw. The new single, ‘And Then You Wonder’, is a perfect example of his intriguing musicality. Similar to many musicians, S J Denney was inspired by the effects of the Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns. However, instead of talking about the consequences of the effects, he sings about the freedoms before and after lockdown. Denney explains that “this song was inspired by the tough Covid restrictions many of us have been facing and looks at how lucky we were before all this happened.”

Influenced by The Beatles’ single ‘Eleanor Rigby’, ‘And Then You Wonder’ has a sense of jangle-pop but delves into the obscure baroque pop genre. Combining the rich vocals with a spine-chilling string section, S J Denney tips you into a kaleidoscopic swirl of sound. Extremely unique, in fact, I haven’t heard anything like this for a long while, the harmonic arrangement defies genres reaching audiences on a different level.

Sincere, sentimental and inspiring, ‘And Then You Wonder’ is a wistful sonic representation of freedom. Its charming tone lifts your soul and gives you life to spread your wings and fly. I can’t wait for more from this talented artist.

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