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Track Review: Another Cloud // Bones In Butter

From their single ‘Littlewing’ (released in 2021) to ‘Stop Dancing Now! (released in 2022), Nexus Music Blog has followed the progress and evolution of Bones In Butter. A true testament to the power of the internet, this Serbian six-piece came together after meeting online. Influenced by artists from Joy Division to Lou Reed, Electric Light Orchestra and Wall of Voodoo, Bones In Butter has an obscure and interesting sound. Featured in The Other Side Reviews, Rising Artists Blog, Indie Chronique, Punk Rocker, Less Than 1000 Followers and many playlists, the lads reach an international audience on a daily basis.

Hot on the heels of their well-received track ‘Paulus’, Bones In Butter moves from a soft, smooth melody to a more upbeat one in ‘Another Cloud’. Retaining the hint of synth-pop ala The Cure, Milutin Krasevic and his crew set you adrift on a glistening sonic lake. Filled with a hazy ambience, Bones In Butter create a fuzzy fog of sound to accompany you on your journey. Yet, through the hazy soundscape, the faster pace of ‘Another Cloud’ makes the track a little less misty.

Not ones to turn away from the more sombre issues of the day, Bones In Butter use music as a means of exploring existential issues. Vocalist Milutin Krasevic shares that ‘Another Cloud’ “is a shattering and heartbreaking tale about love, virtual realities, alienation, absence of physical contact and, thus, the doom of human civilisation as we know it.” Pretty deep considering the track has you floating about on a cloud. It is this poignancy expressed in a lighthearted, almost whimsical fashion that makes Bones In Butter unique.

Along with the single, Bones In Butter has released an official lyrics video that you can view below or on their YouTube Channel.

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