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Track Review: Answer Back // Fate and Fortune

Since the departure of their bassist, CJ Hopton in 2016, the duo that is Answer Back has been honing their sound to accommodate unique, heartfelt lyrics with flowing melodies. Featuring the talents of singer-songwriters Oliver Grizzell and Chris Lewin, UK-based Answer Back has performed at 11 music festivals, toured South England and South Wales in three hours, and have received coverage from several online radio stations including Amazing Radio, Barcelona FM and BBC Radio H&W. With their reputation for engaging emotive music, Answer Back adds the EP Fate and Fortune to their repertoire.

Reminiscent of McFly, Maroon 5, Simple Creatures and Green Day, Answer Back adopt a “new, rocky raw take” on their typically pop singles. After approximately one decade making music, this is a bold new step for the dynamic duo; however, they seem to have effortlessly embraced the pop-rock meets alt-rock sound.

Beginning with ‘Count To Three’, Chris and Oliver take you back to the early-2000s with their brusque, blunt lyricism over a bopping guitar background. Touching on the amusing topics of relationships – or rather the awkwardness of geeky relationships – Answer Back create a sense of sentimental nostalgia with their upbeat track.

Maintaining the pop-rock element, the group moves along to ‘Waves’ illustrating their steadier, heavier sound as compared to the buoyant first track. While ‘Fate’ and ‘Bleeding Heart’ showcase their transition from high-spirited pop to a smoother, darker side, Answer Back teeters between the jump of boybands and ease of alternative rock.

I am particularly fond of Fate and Fortune‘s third track ‘Blissful’ – I am not entirely sure why, but the prominence of vocals over a staccato guitar base makes me smile. It could also be the touching exploration of a return to one’s blissful existence. I mean, there is a line mentioning “missing all the cuddles and the touch”; how can you not smile when you hear those lyrics to a fiery melody.

Careful transitioning of the EP’s tracks take you on a journey through the narrative personal tale of a protagonist making it engaging and intriguing. Overall, Fate and Fortune is a melodic interweaving of two distinct gruff vocals with inspired instrumentation. A big fan of McFly and the like, I am completely thrilled with Answer Back.

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