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Track Review: ANSWER // Nocturnal Issues

Influenced by artists like The Cure, Radiohead, Bruce Springsteen, Billie Eilish and everything in between, Nocturnal Issues has a diverse, almost genre-bending style. A result of insomnia, feelings of loneliness and frustration, they created the exclusive and elusive character Nocturnal Issues. Interestingly enough, the philosophy behind the character is based on Stan Lee’s ideology for Spiderman – “anyone can be under the mask”. It is this philosophy that helps them achieve an abstract connection with listeners. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘ANSWER’.

Following the well-received single ‘DARK METAMORPHOSIS’, ‘ANSWER’ is a powerful return to their eclectic form. After topping the Repost Exchange’s ‘Alternative Rock Charts’, Nocturnal casts away their flesh to represent the philosophy of elusiveness. A transition from bold beats within a commercial pop mould in ‘DARK METAMORPHISIS’, Nocturnal adopts a grittier, more rock-inspired style in the new single.

Easily compared to bands like Radiohead and The Cure, but with a modern-day indie-rock element, Nocturnal melds nostalgic familiarity to edgy freshness of sound. Gruff vocals are slathered over a bold mix of guitars, drums and synths. Interestingly enough, while the gruff tones do disconcerting brashness, they bring a flowing obscurity to ‘ANSWER’. I love this melding of all genres in one intriguing three-minute song.

This is my introduction to Nocturnal Issues and truthfully, I had no idea what to expect. Innovation, versatility and experimental eclecticism shine through in ‘ANSWER’ with an almost palpable grittiness. Taken off the EP AFTER THE DEBAUCHERY, ‘ANSWER’ is certainly the answer to a demand for engaging music. I cannot wait for more from Nocturnal Issues.

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