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Track Review: Antennas // Andi Jackson

Instead of spending this pandemic sitting back, eating lots of junk food and watching television, Andi Jackson has been a rather busy man. Based in Milton Keynes, the multi-instrumentalist is adding a psychedelic twist to classic rock. Performing as part of Lake of Snakes, Our Man In The Bronze Age and Shuck, Andi has a wealth of knowledge from which to draw. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Antennas’.

Adopting a DIY approach to production, Andi focuses on recording, writing and producing his music independently. In fact, all his work is produced via the DIY record label Fr33zehead which he runs with friend Beanie Bhebhe. Along with his full-time job and label duties, Andi has found time to record his second solo album Sub Horror. ‘Antennas’ is the first single off this sophomore album.

Showcasing his innovative and eclectic style, ‘Antennas’ is a fusion of lo-fi, post-punk and psychedelia with a kick of old-school rock. A beautifully layered track, ‘Antennas’ melds the dynamic instrumentation with powerful vocals. A guitar-driven song, the track is filled with impressive riffs; however, Andi brings out his experimental nature incorporating a saxophone adding a blues vibe to the melody.

‘Antennas’ melody can plunge you into a swirl of sound, but it is the evocative vocals that are the meat of the song. While fusing harmonically with the instrumentation, the execution of the lyricism can be somewhat oppressive. It is intriguing as the tone is hushed but has a powerful sway over all other elements. It is as if the steady, monotone vocals are lurking beneath the glassy surface of a dark river.

Haunting, addictive and thought-provoking, ‘Antennas’ has an experimental edge that will keep you transfixed. I can’t wait for more from Andi Jackson.

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