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Track Review: Apocalypse In Metropolis // Cosmic Embers

Proving they are not to be pigeon-holed, Cosmic Embers effortlessly fuse blues, rock, experimental, psychedelic and traditional Irish sounds in their music. Formed in mid-2021 (or that’s at least when the uncle and nephew group began writing songs together), Cosmic Embers is a relatively new act. Yet, they are already turning heads on an international scale featuring on Roadie Music, Edgar Allan Poets and various playlists. Come with us as we take a gander at their debut single ‘Apocalypse In Metropolis’.

Inspired in part by George Romero’s zombie films (Dawn Of The Dead and Land Of The Dead), ‘Apocalypse In Metropolis’ is a “cautionary but humorous tale of readapting to life in society after growing happily accustomed to isolation…” – sound like the past two years of anybody else’s life or is it just me? Profound and significant, Cosmic Embers take on human fragility and vulnerability in this intriguing song. Yet, the dulcet tones of Paddy O’ Keefe remain tongue-in-cheek making you consider the theme of the track and showcase the depth of the artist.

Just as the lyricism of ‘Apocalypse In Metropolis’ follows an apocalyptic theme, the melody could come out of one of those zombie films. Soft and slow, there is a smoothness to the ethereal baseline before you are tossed up into a much heavier, high-paced hard rock crescendo. The melodic arrangement, incorporating an interspersed piano, highlights the band’s versatility as it transitions from heavy rock to light psychedelia in the movement from verse to catchy chorus.

Bold, rich and vibrant, ‘Apocalypse In Metropolis’ is an intoxicating blast leaving you breathless – but you love every second!

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