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Track Review: As Above/So Below // slowride

Many creative projects came about over the last year or so. The reason? More time on our hands to be creative because of lockdown and slowride is one of these projects. Formed during 2020, three life-long friends came together to begin writing music as a way of passing the time. Influenced by acts like Beck, Twenty One Pilots and Foster The People, Ali Epstone (vocals), Phil Jones (guitars and synths) and Tomas Oliver Moore (drums) found that beautiful line between indie-pop and indie-rock.

Despite being a rather new band with only three songs to their name (including the one we are about to review), the UK-based trio is building a following across the globe. Critically acclaimed by The Other Side Reviews, Our Sound Music, Music For The Misfits, York Calling, Indie XL and various other blogs/playlists, slowride has blasted onto the cyber music scene. The latest addition to their well-received discography is ‘As Above/So Below’.

Produced and mastered by renowned professionals Isaac Carpenter and Vlado Mellor respectively, ‘As Above/So Below’ touches on existential truths in a harmonic melodic arrangement. Following the rather indie-rock single ‘Forever In My Head’, slowride showcases their ability to effortlessly transition from one genre to another. ‘As Above/So Below’ adopts a post-punk sound with contemporary alt-rock/indie-rock sentimentalities, but it definitely sounds completely different to their previous releases. Perhaps this is an evolution in the group’s sound or just honing a distinctive sound.

What I find intriguing is not the interspersed electronica amidst dynamic guitars and pounding drums but the profound lyricism. Melody is all good and well, but if there isn’t a poignancy in the songwriting then you just have an amazing melody. The gruffness of Ali Epstone’s tones not only show a likeness to Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand but has distinct brutality in the soothing execution – does that make sense? All I know is I love slowride’s music and cannot wait for more from this group.

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