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Track Review: Ashes // Seaker

Born to an English mother and Indian father, Kiran Hungin was raised in a diverse household. Growing up in the North-East region of England, her upbringing was hardly traditional, but it is the combination of cultures that makes him truly unique. I’m not saying any other individual of Anglo-Indian descent is not unique, I’m just saying Hungin uses these different lifestyles to create intriguing music.

Performing under the pseudonym Seaker, Kiran proffers ethereal sounds as a catharsis for daily anxiety. She attempts to make music that “is epic and delicate at the same time”. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Turtle Tempo, Less Than 1000 Followers and many more, Seaker has become a critically acclaimed artist. The latest addition to her ever-evolving discography is ‘Ashes’.

Following the 2019 singe ‘You’, ‘Ashes’ adopts a more eclectic style. Retaining the distinct ethereal sound of her music, Kiran immediately creates a cinematic soundscape. Combining dynamic instrumentation in an experimental way, ‘Ashes’ has an eerie foundation giving prominence to each element. I find the incorporation of soothing piano amidst powerful drums and guitar particularly intriguing as it adds that layer of hauntedness.

“This song is an ode to anxiety and the shit storm it brings. Don’t worry about which vocal is the lead. Don’t worry about which anxious thought in your head you should pay attention to. Shut your eyes and try to escape for a minute.” – Seaker on ‘Ashes’

Reminiscent of Enya, but with a contemporary flair, ‘Ashes’ is uplifting, flowing and wistful. Touching on issues of anxiety and challenging situations, it might be considered melancholic. However, the alignment of the soft melody with the sombre concept enhances its poignancy. Kiran showcases her innovativeness by finding the delicate balance between human fragility and robust empowerment in this truly original tune.

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