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Track Review: Astronauts // PENNYROYALE

Inspired by the rock sounds of the 1970s, PENNYROYALE inserts elements of glam rock, prog rock, art rock and hard rock into her music. Her first EP was released in late 2020 receiving much critical acclaim from global blogs, and not much has changed. Her sound has become more sophisticated, but there is no alternation in how well-received her work is. Described as powerful and eclectic, Australian singer-songwriter PENNYROYALE exceeds expectations with her diverse sound. The latest addition to her repertoire is the single ‘Astronauts’.

As I mentioned, there is an inspirational rock sound in her music; however, ‘Astronauts’ blends grunge into the mix. Unlike the critically acclaimed pop-inspired single ‘Sweet Charity’, ‘Astronauts’ is far heavier and hard-hitting. A similarity to The Cranberries can be heard, however, the arrangement is wrapped in a blanket of intense intimacy far beyond the iconic Irish band. It is difficult to describe the breath-taking style of ‘Astronauts’, so the best I can do is say that listening to the track is like being whipped about with pinpricks of bright lights flashing before your face. Not a bad experience, just a rather intense one.

No doubt of PENNYROYALE’s eclecticism in any of her work, but ‘Astronauts’ showcases her experimental and obscure qualities. Finding the line between gritty and sublime, the single has a melancholic and almost frantic anxiety about it. Yet, PENNYROYALE shares that ‘Astronauts’ is empowering in its profoundness. She explains that “this song is about embracing something higher and more beautiful than ourselves…I was walking on the beach, looking at the stars when this song came to be and to me, it is a vivid reminder of how much we can be takers or givers in our lives.”

Slightly mad with its kaleidoscopic swirls, ‘Astronauts’ takes one to an alternate reality, but you’ll love it.

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